The man


This small object is part of the V&A museum in London. From the several pieces in the cabinet, this small figure stood out and stared at me.

I sense a project coming along.


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And what if.

The more it think about it the more I like the idea of minimalist film. Not to be confused with structuralist film. Alien, the Riddley Scott film is a prime example of minimalist filmmaking. The subject matter is gory and in a way flamboyant but the technique is stripped down of any unnecessary shots, making the film consisting of around 300 camera positions when other films have over 1500. The sane goes for Alejandro Jodieowsky and The Holy Mountain, again the subject matter is flamboyant but the technique is as simple and straightforward as possible.

I often feel as though certain sub-genres utilise minimalist filmmaking in the wrong way. Take observational filmmaking for an example. Many titles under this genre tend to be excruciatingly painful to watch. The reason is because the ideas of minimalist filmmaking and minimalist art have been morphed into one, to create a monster of boredom.

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Personal Landscapes and Minimalist Gestures

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Origin of the Species

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A Winged Victory For the Sullen

It was 4 years ago when I was introduced to Stars of the Lid an electro ambient band from the US. They really informed allot of my film work that I made during that period, that I can only describe as gazing into the void.

I recently heard that Adam Wiltzie a band member of SOTL made a new record and immediately downloaded it.

The name of the album is A Winged Victory for the Sullen.

What I liked about this record is that it is rooted into the foundations of SOTL and so its veins pump ambience in an amazing pace throughout the record.

What I disliked about it was that it was the piano notes that steer the tone of each track thus interpenting quite allot for the listener.

I know….. everyone has an opinion. I say listen to it. It is a pretty cool album.


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DHPG Mon Amour – Personal Film

Three years ago I worked as an intern for a film organisation in London, UK. My job was to look at films from this  vast archive of 16mm films and assess their condition. This gave me an unprecedented access to films that I would have never been able to see otherwise .

One day I stumbled across a film that looked in pretty bad shape and decided that I should watch it.

It was called DHPG Mon Amour.

It started of as a diary by these two gay guys that were diagnosed with GRID (or as we know it today AIDS).  I remember watching the film and as it flowed through the projector silently amazed.

These two unknown men were experimenting in front of the camera with drugs, piercing their chests with needles and  documenting their doses; for others. They were making a survival manual for others that were or will be infected in the future with this weird and complicated disease.

When they look at the camera you can see their  faces, scared but brave. They never lost any of their willingness to live, they were happy but worried. They mention their friends who themselves experimented with their doses and techniques; some were succesful and prolonged their lives, others did not make it.

I really do not know what happened to these two individuals. I often find my self thinking about them.

I will never forget them.

This is for you guys.

Your friend.


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